I’ve always had a different outlook on life and a belief that I could be great. There are many experiences and people I’ve encountered which have helped cultivate my mind. With a mother who passed away when I was four, and a father who fled the streets when I was born, growing up wasn’t easy. I was adopted by my 23 year old aunt. Suspended over 20 times, expelled 3 times, and getting thrown in the back of a police car was not a good start to my adolescence. But still, there was something that drove me from an early age. People saw my fire early on. I watched them from a far. I studied their craft. I walked how they walked and dressed how they dressed. I was able to push through the hard times, persevere in undergrad and graduate school, succeed at the big four, and successfully raise a quarter million during an angel round of investing. I’ve chased my dreams despite my setbacks. Now, I’d like to empower others to do the same.

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  • Name: Emmanual Benton
  • Email:eBenton@ourambitions.com
  • Phone: (323) 652 – 9657
  • Date of Birth: August 16, 1989
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About me

Vector Resources An Executive from Up Close

2006 – 2008 (14 Years)

I was just a high school intern to many, but in my own mind, I was here to improve the company. As a government contractor, high reliance was (Read More)

About me

SafeGuard Security Knock Knock

2009 (19 Years)

“Hi, I’m Emmanual, are you the home owner here? … Great! I’m here as a courtesy. Do you know the Jones’ around the corner? … Well, their house wa (Read More)

About me

Geo San I didn’t work for NASA

2011(21 Years)

The said we’d be doing an internship with NASA. It wasn’t until 4 years later that I realized that the two companies had no real association. Seems (Read More)

About me

PwCRepresenting a Brand

2012 – 2015 (22 Years)

Nothing like a 22 year old walking into the lobby of a fortune 500 company and C level executives treat you like gold. It was here, I started to understa (Read More)

About me

JADs DreamsI Never Would Have Guessed

2014 – Current (24 Years)

Not me, not possible, there is no way! Can a kid whose mother died at age four, who was suspended over 20 times, expelled 3 times, and thrown behin (Read More)

About me

AOL Culture & Code

2016 – Current (26 Years)

Nothing like winding through the halls on a Razor scooter and putting on HTC VIVE glasses on to engulf yourself in a VR world. This vibrant atmos (Read More)

Book Chasers

I didn’t know how to put together financial statements, but I did know how to make a profit. Non the less, I put together my best attempt at financial statements and asked a few angel investors for a quarter million dollars. The business plan was simple, buy books from students, and then sell them to online book companies like Chegg and Amazon. Here’s where things went wrong. I thought a quarter million was a good number to start a business, so picked that. Here’s when things went wrong. I told the investors that I was only seeking 10K when I asked for the meeting, but to their surprise that number rapidly changed. Needless to say, we didn’t get the investment.

E&A Enterprises

We challenge each other. Two MBA majors excited to jump into the world of business. We sat down with an attorney and developed E&A Enterprises. Simply put, Emmanual & Andrew. We challenged each other and pushed for greatness, the only issue, we had no clue what we were going to do. We just wanted to do business. We started by updating my Book Chaser business plan and attempted to scale that concept. We were able to grow that business by buying books at other schools and using representatives to earn commission on books they assisted in acquiring. While returns were good, it didn’t peak our interest enough, and iFixnColor was born.


What if every dollar spent went towards making a difference in the world. I felt that I was the man to make this change and still do. What if kids didn’t go hungry and women weren’t being sexually abused. MakeChangeYours was a movement for people and businesses to take ownership in the changes needed in this world. This started in College and has now evolved into a channel for people to collaborate and share ideas on ways to improve the world in a self-sufficient manner. Make Change Yours gives people the things they want, in order to give the world what it needs. As this movement continues to grow, we will let you know how we are changing lives.

JADs Dreams

Making people’s dreams come true is my goal. Most people crave financial freedom. JADs Dreams gives people the ability to do just that by giving the tools and knowledge of how to be successful and develop your personal brand or company. It covers the basis for how to create your own business as well as provides services catered to assist new and startup companies all they need to get moving quickly. With ownership in other properties like FreeFitnessChallenge.Com and iFixnColor, JADs Dreams is able to support young entrepreneurs. I started this business after joining PwC and raise a quarter million in angel funding.


A Subsidiary of JADs Dreams, ElectrifyMi utilizes online retail to connect users with technology.


A Subsidiary of JADs Dreams, IOSnMore utilizes online retail to connect users with affordable phone parts and accessories for the devices they love most.


Split into separate brands, ElectrifyMi and IOSnMore in 2014 in an effort to rebrand and capitalize on multiple markets, iFixnColor utilizes a Global Economy to bring electronic parts and accessories to Users all around the world. Selling on eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Jet.com, and Wish.com iFixnColor was create virtually on accident. While in college E&A Enterprises wanted to get into the iPhone repair business. As such, 50 LCD screens were purchased. In order to maintain inventory they were also put online. To our surprise, all screens sold within 24 hours. That’s when we had our “AHA” moment and began to take over the world.

Emmanual Benton Inc

I carry myself as a business, because it makes sense. I love being social, engaging on social media, exercising, motivating, and giving people the tools needed to shine in a competitive environment.

Free Fitness Challenge

If I had my way, I’d live forever. Unfortunately time will continue to engage our bodies and minds. It’s up to us to maintain it, or we will see it part from us. Free Fitness Challenge strengthens people to absorb a healthy lifestyle by engaging on fun challenges with friends family and the community. Given that I workout on a daily basis, I sought after a way to monetize my healthy lifestyle. I figured, “I dedicate 7-15 hours per week to workout … I should get paid for this.” Like all things, I found a way to give to others while continuing to reach my goal. If you keep others first success will come. Maybe not your body, but your spirit will then, be able to live forever.